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Client Spotlight: Cameron Corish

Wishart personal trainer gains national exposure

It is no surprise to Core Health Coaching clients that the expertise of Brisbane’s top Personal Trainer Cameron Corish has been featured in a National SBS radio interview.

Recently Cameron, founder of Core Health Coaching, and participants from his weekly Super Seniors class, were interviewed by SBS VIVA for a piece on aging better by staying active. The recognition of Core Health’s contributions to Brisbane’s health and fitness has been a great acknowledgement for Cameron and his team.

Super Seniors

Core Health Coaching has been assisting Brisbane residents with personal fitness, sports training and health coaching for over six years. One program is the Super Seniors, enthusiastically attended by local Brisbane residents aged 50 to 85. The fun classes have seen Cam’s clients lose weight, build strength, alleviate pain from chronic illness, reduce stress, and generally be healthier and happier in their retirement years. Fay, 70, has been coming to Cameron’s classes for four years to reduce stress and lose weight. She lost 19 kg in 2.5 years and is sleeping better at night.

World champion training

No stranger to national successes Core Health Coaching has trained a number of world champions and elite athletes in various disciplines:

Marathon Runner 2nd World Masters Games 2016 – Adrian Royce

Netball World Champion 2015 – Georgia Elliott

Hapkido World Champion 2013 – Rebekah Apelt

Professional Musical Theatre performer – Lauren Jimmieson

Cameron attributes his training success to his unique holistic approach. Core Health’s training and coaching incorporates corrective interventions in stress, sleep patterns, gut health, food quality and timing, detoxifications pathways, food sensitivities, posture and injury prevention.

Cameron also stresses the importance of having fun! I feel a major key to his success is his love for his job, which to him isn’t a job – it’s a passion – which is why he also spends his spare time writing on his favourite subjects.

Formerly working in the financial sector, Cameron needed a career change. He wanted to make a significant difference in people’s lives through his experience and passions of coaching, health and exercise.

“I genuinely love what I do and bring that passion and life experience to every session and to my writing,” says Cameron.

Published Health & Fitness Writer

Cameron began his writing journey as a Health & Fitness writer for a Brisbane Community & Lifestyle Magazine I was Editor of. For the past five years, Wendy & Words has been assisting Cameron with non-fiction editing of his articles and publications. To date he has published six eBooks with our assistance, which includes: The Secrets of Organic Food, The Truth of Effective Fat Loss, Core Community Cookbook and Weekly Recipe Challenges Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

As a Brisbane-based international, specialising in the genres of mind/body/spirit, business and memoir, I am at the desk many hours a day. Over a number of years my weight was gaining and I was having gut issues and foggy brain. (Not good for an editor!) Cameron has assisted me to improve my overall health through holistic coaching on stress management strategies including addressing food sensitivities, water intake, sleep patterns, meditation, and regular exercise including stretching and walks in the forest! Certainly a life changer.

It’s always an honour to support a client like Cameron who is making such a difference in people’s lives! And doing it with love and laughter!

Congratulations Cameron and Core Health Coaching!

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