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Client confidentiality & privacy policy

Wendy & Words are committed to protecting the privacy of all who visit and use their website.

Client confidentiality

Client confidentiality is vitally important to us and we have developed a policy to ensure that it is maintained and respected at all times.

Wendy & Words guarantees that client work will never be shared with a third party. We understand that many of the documents we handle contain sensitive and classified information, and therefore the following steps have been taken to guarantee confidentiality:   

The Wendy & Words’ Contact Form is created through 123 Contact Form, who are bound to strict confidence.

According to 123 Contact Form:

  • We (123 Contact Form) collect just the amount of personal information that is needed to create and maintain your account. Users can access and update personal information in My Account section. We will neither disclose your personal information, nor sell it to anyone. We never read the messages received through your forms. Your IP, personal information and received data are confidential, except for the case in which authorities request it. We always include a opt-out method to our direct marketing messages.

  • Form records are private and can be used exclusively by the account owner. 123ContactForm never discloses the content of submissions under any circumstance, unless specifically requested by legal state authorities. Submissions are stored securely on our Amazon hosted servers, and are protected against misuse, interference and loss, as well as against from unauthorized access, modification and disclosure.

  • The full Terms of Service of 123 Contact Form can be found here:

Every employee and contractor of Wendy & Words has signed a confidentiality agreement.

Documents submitted to us are kept in a secure online system and can only be viewed by the operations team and the editor assigned to the job.

On request, we are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Ownership of work

Clients who engage Wendy & Words’ services retain full ownership, copyright and intellectual property over their work. We will never share your work or contact details with a third party.

How we may collect information

When you visit Wendy & Words’ website we only collect information from you if you voluntarily fill out one of our forms, or communicate with us via email.

The information we require to give a quote and perform our services includes:

  • Contact name

  • Company name (if applicable)

  • Email address

  • Order information (text and documents uploaded for editing)

Information usage

Wendy & Words may use collected information for the following purposes: to provide editing and proofreading services, for identification and to make contact with you regarding your inquiry. Your information is not shared with any other organisation.

If you have any questions regarding our privacy and confidentiality policies, please 

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