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Today you can publish your Book on Amazon, the world's number one book and eBook retailer, all by yourself! Take advantage of Amazon's in-built promotion features and set and update your own pricing any time. Retain 100% of profits! You can choose your categories for better book rankings, which gives your book more visibility. You can do this through Amazon and their CreateSpace service  or through Lightning Source and their Ingram Spark service. Both will publish your book on Amazon.

With self-publishing you can have complete control and flexibility. Wendy & Words does not recommend vanity publishers and printers that require you to purchase books printed by them and some even keep a profit margin for themselves. Yes, invest in getting the best quality book out there, but there is no need to invest hundreds or thousands in buying books up front. If you do decide to go through your local printers, consider printing smaller print runs (but be aware that small print runs usually cost more per book).


If you use a print-on-demand service, books are printed by the distributor (e.g. CreateSpace, Ingram Sparks) as the orders come in. You do not have to buy boxes of books up front that will sit in your garage gathering dust until you sell them.


Do NOT spend $10 000 or more in self-publishing this way. You can take control of your boat. 

After 8 years in the industry, the main two self-publishing support providers I work with are: Author Support Services and Book Cover Cafe. 

Author Support Services

Alex Fullerton, Founder of Author Support Services, and I are working hip-to-hip in a mutually beneficial relationship that we feel brings the best results for our clients. I provide editing services to Author Support Services, and they provide design, marketing copy and self-publishing set-up services to Wendy & Words' clients - plus the occasional proofread. 


With Author Support Services working with you, you get one-on-one support with Alex Fullerton, an experienced, kind-hearted and humorous business woman with much integrity. 

General prices for Author Support Services are:



Internal book design: $400 - $1500 (depending on complexity - my advice is to keepit simple!)

Cover design: $180-$500        eBook creation $400

Marketing assistance – writing web copy, back of book blurb, bio, social media posts, and sharing these using SEO and deep linking techniques to expand your reach: $80 per post


Registration – ISBN and PDS: $180       

Set up your Ingram Spark account: $250

POD Printing: usually $5-$10 book (print-on-demand)       

Distribution: $49USA - Your book will be listed with all the big booksellers, both online retailers like Amazon and Book Depository, and traditional bookshops.

Note: Alex takes care of all the self-publishing set-up for you through her personalised service.

To connect with Alex, contact her here. Don't forget to mention my name!

Alex Fullerton [L]  Wendy Stuart {R}

Book Cover Cafe


Anthony Puttee of Book Cover Cafe has provided design and typsetting services for a number of my clients over the years, who have been very happy with his work. He has also been a great support for me, especially in my early set-up years. I often liaise between the BCC and my clients, and Anthony is always open to my editorial comments on design and typsetting samples.

I recommend two of Anthony's non-fiction packages. The PRO ($1195) includes book cover and interior design (print + eBook) plus a marketing toolkit. The BESTSELLER ($1595) includes everything in the PRO plus full membership to The Lab video training (and a few others things you will discover on his website.)

For more information on Book Cover Cafe visit the site here. Don't forget to mention my name!

The difference between Book Cover Cafe & Author Support Services in terms of publishing support


Author Support Services takes a load off your shoulders by taking care of the self-publishing set-up for you - something busy business owners or those overwhelmed with enough to do (or technically-challenged) appreciate. Alex have one-on-one consultations to connect with you and get to know you and your plans. When it comes to self-publishing, Alex will set up an account with the distributor (Ingram Spark)  in your name, so you can manage it yourself into the future. You retain ownership; she's just doing the legwork for you. She will load up all the pricing, distribution details, account details, advertising blurb, author bio etc - all the information people will read on the book-selling sites, as well as the information the distributor needs to sell your book for you. Then when your book is ready, in the correct file formats, she will load the book file and cover, so it’s ready for you to order and sell. Then it’s yours to manage and keep all the profits.

Your book will go out to all the major booksellers, both online and offline.  Unlike CreateSpace, Ingram Spark books are printed in Australia, which will save you lots on shipping fees. You also have direct access to their staff by phone or email as they are based in Melbourne. 

Alex works closely with Lightning Source and their Ingram Spark print-on-demand service and is their guest blogger and speaker. Alex also has blogs on her website with great information.

Book Cover Cafe is all about empowering self-publishing authors to take control of their own ship. So, the difference to Author Support Services is that Anthony won't set up your publishing accounts and distributions avenues for you (i.e. do any of that described above). You have to do that yourself. But his premium non-fiction package includes The LAB training, which are videos that teach you how to take those steps to publish your book yourself. If you can set aside the time and aren't phased with technology, you may save a few dollars. His website includes blogs and resources on a variety of subjects to do with self-publishing. Book Cover Cafe is great for the busy entrepreneur who just wants the job done while they get on with other matters like marketing their books. The end designs are excellent. 

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