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Client Testimonials

Karen Stuckey
Church Support Australia

Practical Church Administration Course 


"Professional Editing Done Right!  Get high-quality editing services with Wendy. She specializes in error correction and offers affordable fees.  Wendy's comprehensive editing will take your document to the next level. With her fast turnaround time, you won't have to wait long for results.  I highly recommend this wonderful lady."

Kel Humphries
Unscathed Beauty

"Wendy is a talented, attentive and compassionate editor. She was extremely professional, and her compassion and empathy for my story helped me keep the most beautiful parts. She really helped me ‘dig deeper,’ into the rawness of my journey to a place that I wasn’t sure I could go. This has been the greatest gift to my readers, and for that I am extremely grateful. I have not had one piece of negative feedback regarding my book, and I attribute that in part to the strong guidance and wisdom of my editing team. It wasn’t just the editing. Wendy was the friend I needed to walk with me on this compelling and in-depth journey. I would highly recommend Wendy and her services to any prospective author."

Sandi Gamble


 “As a first time clueless author I was so very lucky to find Wendy. From our initial interview, Wendy was in harmony with me. She was personable, approachable and emotionally available, which was a huge plus for me given the content in my memoir that Wendy was to edit. Wendy handled the content of my book and me both wisely and openly, and she did not disrupt the flow of my voice in the book, which was important to me.  Wendy expertly dragged buried emotions from me that had not previously been included in the book, but without which my memoir would not be what it is today. As a team we worked long and hard and I believe we have an amazing product thanks mainly to Wendy’s diligence. Thank you, Wendy, from the bottom of my heart; as I have previously told you, the therapy was worth it. If you are looking for an amazing Editor, Writer or Author Support person you’d be crazy to look any further—you’ve found her.” 

Vanessa Talbot
Extraordinary You

"Putting together a compilation book with 11 different personalities and voices to manage can be tough work. Even tougher for the copy editor to create cohesion and flow from 11 different writing styles and tones. Yet Wendy did exactly that. And her spiritual outlook on life made Wendy the perfect choice to work on Extraordinary You and help to make it the international hit it is.

Maylin Lim
Quantum Leap Healer & Relationship Expert, Family Constellation

Co-author I Did It

"When I met Wendy as a participant in my Family Constellation workshop three years ago, I immediately recognised her soul. Her soul is so keen to question life and to seek truth. Her ability to express herself in words and editing is extraordinary. I always wonder if she was born with a magic wand! I am so grateful for her support in editing my writing. She guided me to tell my story as if I was speaking directly to my reader. She provides professional suggestions yet leaves room for me to rethink what I am trying to express. Her response is prompt and efficient. I highly recommend Wendy as your go-to spiritual and professional editor. She is the magic."

Franziska Iseli
Bananas About Marketing

"Love Wendy and her thorough work! Thank you for being such a beautiful, caring soul! Working with Wendy has been an absolute pleasure. She worked tirelessly on our books and treated them as her own. She made some fantastic suggestions which made the books even better. We are so glad to have found her. Wendy absolutely went above and beyond our expectations. "

Kylie Attwell
Find Your Purpose, Change Your Life, Imagineer Your Ultimate Future

"Wendy's motto is working wonders with your words and that is exactly what she did for me!  While copyediting TMGGS, Wendy engulfed herself into the project as if it was hers. She was passionate, thorough and insightful. providing not only a great editing service but also great content and style solutions that added real value and helped make the program what it is today. Wendy had a no bull approach and wasn't afraid to say it like it was which is a quality I loved.  Wendy's attention to detail, passion for words and affordable solutions makes her a must have on any author's team." 

Alex Fullerton
Author Support Services

Terminally Fabulous, Grief, Grace and Gratitude; Love, Loss & Lessons

"I have known Wendy Stuart professionally for 6 years and have always admired her passionate approach to editing, and her obvious care for her clients. In 2016, when I needed to take on another book editor to help with my workload at Author Support Services, Wendy was the first person I thought of due to her reputation in the industry as a skilled and caring editor. Wendy’s rare mix of professionalism and compassion makes her an editor that goes the extra mile, does the research, thinks outside the box, and most importantly, keeps ‘what’s best for the book and client’’ as her central motivator.  All clients have been very satisfied with Wendy’s work, as have I.  Wendy’s gentle, loving style was vital in helping one client share her daughter’s story and other clients share their journey with grief."

Sandi Gamble 

"Wendy, your patience is beyond extraordinary; your nature is nothing short of beautiful. You have been the solid foundation that has allowed me to express myself in ways I never thought possible." 

Brainstorm Client

"Wendy! Thank you SO MUCH for helping me get clarity on the direction of my book. I just LOVE the subtitle you came up with. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

"We were extremely pleased with your profile writing last year and especially appreciated your high quality work... We will certainly keep you in mind for future opportunities and I will recommend your services to my colleagues."

Rachael Watt
The Marketing Guru's Guide to Success

"Wendy's motto is working wonders with your words and that is exactly what she did for me!  While copyediting TMGGS, Wendy engulfed herself into the project as if it was hers. She was passionate, thorough and insightful. providing not only a great editing service but also great content and style solutions that added real value and helped make the program what it is today. Wendy had a no bull approach and wasn't afraid to say it like it was which is a quality I loved.  Wendy's attention to detail, passion for words and affordable solutions makes her a must have on any author's team." 

Julie Capri Burnett

"Wendy's feedback on my manuscript assessment was amazing! She gave me great direction and constructive advice. I feel empowered to rewrite and create a book I can gift the world." 

Karen O'Shea
Being in Grace

"Thank you for your compassion, kindness and insight. You were just the perfect editor! May you find grace and peace in every day."

"Wendy is a very unique editor. She is very passionate about her people and their message... she really cares and connects to the content and as a result produces some amazing work.'

Judi Young
The Girl in the Picture

"Wendy's service goes beyond standard copyediting... You need Wendy's keen, skilled eye and good heart for giving, to help your work shine."

"Thank you to my wonderful editor and friend, Wendy, for making the experience enjoyable and for allowing me to keep my quirks. Any grammatical errors are my own!"

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"Thank you so much for the time you spent with me this afternoon. I'm in awe of your skills and your depth of wisdom and understanding." 

Powerhouse Coaching and Consulting
Is Fear Keeping Your Poor
How to Fight Back Against the #1 Killer of Your Success

"Wendy was able to take our material and turn it into a very easy-to-read understandable masterpiece in no time at all. She has an ability to clearly understand what our style and objectives are and what is important to us,who we are and what we stand for."

Sofie Sandell
Digital Leadership

"I've worked with at least 10 other editors before and what I liked about Wendy was she was precise in her feedback and said clearly: you need to add more content here; this is not clear; someone may interpret this in a different way etc. To write a book is a big thing, and when working with Wendy she helped me to not stress too much about it. I can highly recommend her as a copy editor and wordsmith for your book projects!" 

Chris Johnson
It's About You! Know Your Self

"What a find Wendy turned out to be! Writing a book for the layperson defining some highly complex metaphysical concepts as well as notable works from philosophy, psychology, quantum physics, and more, isn't easy. But, Wendy took it all in her stride; she stuck resolutely to my directive to inform me when things were getting too bogged down or simply not understandable for the layperson.. and she let me have it! In a very polite way of course ...
She made great suggestions for putting things another way, chucking out jargon, keeping things as light as possible .... Passages that on first delivery to her could be described as 'wading through treacle' would be miraculously transformed to something a child would understand, let alone an adult with average intelligence. And it wasn't a case of her re-writing it, just putting my words into better order, thus making more sense and keeping better flow. Needless to say, the copyediting and proofreading was immaculate."

Pastor Costa Mukendi
I Could Have Been a Street Kid

"Wendy put herself in my shoes and went into my heart to discover my feelings and emotions and helped me put them in my story, making a real memoir of my life. She added the depth and scope to the book. "

Kye Crow
Ghost and Ghoumas

"Thanks Wendy Millgate for being an awesome editor and making such fabulous suggestions before submitting my books to the publishers." 

 “When I first was introduced to Wendy through a fellow author, I was a brand new, first time, self-publishing author who knew very little about the processes involved in planning, creating, writing, editing, typesetting, registering and publishing a book. Thankfully, Wendy had the knowledge, expertise and contacts which made the process run much more smoothly. Wendy always goes above and beyond to get a job completed well. As a self-published author I have found her skills, experience and contacts to be an invaluable asset and can highly recommend Wendy as an Editor, Advisor and trusted addition to any writer/author’s team." 

Gayle McKew
Women Mind Your Money


 "A huge thank you to Wendy Millgate of Wendy & Words; your guidance, tolerance and patience have been heaven-sent. No words can fully explain my gratitude."

Trevor Gollagher
12 Keys to a Fulfilled Life & Heart Resonance

"Wendy is the only editor I have worked with who actually cares about the quality and accuracy of her work. Her personalised service, combined with heart, is indeed a rare find in the dog-eat-dog world of copyediting. Her attention to detail, and sense of care, really sets the standard for all others."

Eric Allen
Change Your World

"Very Happy! Wendy and I have just finished the editing process on my ‘inspirational' booklet. She was able to make the tedious, joyful. Wendy has an incredible ability to understand the author and offer suggestions that enhance the work without ever changing the artist’s vision. Wish I knew her when I wrote my first book, but will definitely be working with her on my next one. Thank you Wendy."

Tracy DeGeer
Sustainable Wellbeing

"Wendy was not only capable, but her personal enthusiasm for my book and program got me over many hurdles to publication. Thank you Wendy."

Rebecca Lee
Unlock Your Love Blocks

“When it came time to prepare my first self-published work, I needed help from someone to not only copyedit my writing. I needed someone who could coach me and give me feedback on my content and how to structure my content. When I first spoke to Wendy, I could feel that she was a compassionate woman, who was passionate about her work. She was ‘open’ to the spiritual concepts that my work is about and I felt comfortable straight away with her. Her work was professional and she also had a lovely way of giving me feedback that was honest, yet still encouraging. She successfully edited my work in a way that I was still comfortable with my voice and, also, she was very delicate with the channelled information in my work."

Claire Uhlich
Raw Transformation

"Wendy came into my life when I was seriously doubting whether I could be an author or not. My heart was so stretched from self doubt. She showed faith in me, which turned everything around. Wendy's warm genuine energy blanketed any apprehension  I still carried to be  truly me.  I’ll forever carry Wendy's words of encouragement in my heart."

Susie Cochrane 
The Wisdom in the Soul Within


"Finding Wendy as my editor was serendipitous perfection in itself. But I was granted so much more than everyday editorial skills. Wendy has an understanding for the voice of the writer and their message, as well as clarity for my goals in creating a book that is warm, welcoming and clearly defined for the reader's ease  of understanding and continued success. Wendy's recommendations for my publishing path as well also proved to be fortuitous."

Kylie Welsh
Writing Masterclass Manuals

"Wendy's proofreading skills are outstanding and her ability to be able to communicate her technical knowledge and bring my manuals up to a professional standard has been excellent. I found Wendy very easy to communicate with.  Her recommendations and changes have been very clear and appropriate. She is very gracious in her interactions and has a natural ability to build real relationships with people."

Lisa-Marie Kerr
Get Job Ready

"Wendy Milgate from Wendy and Words is the most talented and gifted editor I have ever met. Her ability to make my work and words truly shine is second to none! Wendy went above and beyond my expectations when she edited my book "Get Job Ready". Working with Wendy was a treat and I feel so lucky to have found her. Do yourself and your work a favour and call Wendy today for any Copyediting and Proofreading you may need. You will be so glad you did! I know I was".

Darren Maxwell
The Urban Shaman

"Choosing Wendy and Words for your editing requirements is a path of prosperity for everyone."

Jane Noble Knight
The Inspiring Journeys of Pilgrim Mothers 
The Inspiring Journeys of Women Entrepreneurs

"Wendy is a delight to work with. She really gets into the heart and soul of the writer which enables her to get into their zone as she copy edits and hence produces excellent results that hit the spot. She has been a great source of gentle encouragement to me writing my first two books. I needed an empathetic copyeditor and that's what I got in Wendy. Highly recommended."   

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