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Integral to success is having a clear strategy based on well-founded principles and planning  to bring all the right ingredients together for the desired result. 

Book Content Brainstorm Session

A Book Content Brainstorm Session with Wendy is a sure way to save you countless hours and dollars in writing your non-fiction book or even re-publishing it (yes, that does happen when the reality hits that you haven't quite hit home with your book and its message). It can even save you editing costs because the better your book content (i.e. well-organised, concise, clear message), the simpler the editing.


The session will be geared towards your individual needs and journey. For example, you might be ready to brainstorm and mind-map the outline of your book. Or perhaps you wish to brainstorm your core message, type of book and overall structure. Then there are the topics of which publishing path to follow, who your target reader is and what steps are needed to take you from writing your first draft to publishing your book. 

Whether you are just had a book idea, are starting to write your manuscript or are partway through, a Book Planning & Strategy Session will ensure your project is heading in the right direction. As an author, you will come away knowing what steps to take on your writing and publishing path. It is empowering to feel supported on your journey. 


Finished your final draft? Then what you need is probably a Manuscript Assessment, after which you will receive a free mentoring session with Wendy. 

Let's get together via Skype or over coffee in my home office in Brisbane, Queensland and discuss your vision for your book and the structure and direction you envision. We want to ensure your book speaks in the language of your target reader, meets (even exceeds) their expectations, and gets your message across clearly and with passion.

It is important for you to know that I am on the same page with you, that I 'get you and your work' and you feel empowered through my approach. For me to provide the optimum strategy, prior to our session I will send you an Author Questionnaire where you will provide basic information such as book topic, core message, target reader, your goals etc. Most authors say they find this questionnaire very useful in self-assessment of their project. At this point an invoice is also issued, to be paid prior to the session.

The questionnaire is the beginning point for me to get to know you, your goals and the book and prepare for our session. You will return this questionnaire to me together with your contents page, the manuscript as it stands (or a sample) or a synopsis and any Business Plan or Book Plan you have in place. [Please do know that you have my Wendy & Words promise of confidentiality on all matters concerning your life and your book.]

The 1.5 to 2 hour session (via Skype, telephone or in person in Brisbane, Queensland) is very much a 'roll-the-sleeves-up', 'nuts-and-bolts' session together where will dive into your book and project. I will provide an informal analysis of your project and give suggestions on the following: 

  • your writing style, book structure and layout including a book chapter outline if relevant

  • whether the book content is in alignment with your vision, goals, brand, voice and core message plus your market's needs

  • areas that need developing

  • general publishing advice

  • the editing path for your manuscript

  • or any other areas you require assistance in and I have the knowledge or can find it!

Sometimes this session is enough for authors to take off on their path, confidently. It also can be the beginning of an ongoing consultation and mentoring connection between us. All I want for you is to feel empowered, confident and supported with a clear plan of action that you feel you can take.


I am empathetic and wish to support you emotionally on your journey as well. I will email you within 48 hours some notes or a report from our session and follow up with two more points of contact e.g. one phone call and one email. If we brainstormed your book outline, this might include a copy of the outline if you haven't already made notes in our meeting.

Price: $297


Includes Session Preparation by Wendy including light read of manuscript at whatever stage it is at, 1.5 to 2 hours one-on-one session, follow-up notes/report, a copy of Wendy's Book Structure Guide and, if required, a W&W Book Template in MS Word, which includes a Book Plan.

Subsequent Sessions, Consulting and Mentoring : $80 / hour

Speak to me about booking up blocks of my time for discounted rates on multiple sessions

To book your Brainstorm Session, please connect on my contact page and specify three preferred dates and times. You can also book in for a free 15-minute consultation. Alternatively call me direct on 0432 486 687 (+61).

I will send you a questionnaire to fill in prior to the session and an invoice for pre-payment. 

Wendy & Words client, Mandy Healey, in a Book Planning & Strategy Session where we mind-mapped her book outline.

Sandi Gamble

Author of 'Broken'

"Wendy, your patience is beyond extraordinary; your nature is nothing short of beautiful. You have been the solid foundation that has allowed me to express myself in ways I never thought possible." 


Brainstorm Client

"Wendy! Thank you SO MUCH for helping me get clarity on the direction of my book. I just LOVE the subtitle you came up with. Thank you, thank you, thank you."


Brainstorm Client

"Thank you so much for the time you spent with me this afternoon. I'm in awe of your skills and your depth of wisdom and understanding." 

Julie Capri Burnett

"Wendy! Thank you SO MUCH for helping me get clarity on the direction of my book. I just LOVE the subtitle you came up with. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

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