Want to write or have started but need some help in moving forward?


Planning is essential. Through my   

1-on-1 Brainstorming session, I listen and brainstorm with you the best way forward, from whichever point you are at on your writing and publishing journey. 


We can strategise and plan your book, get your part-manuscript back on track, deal with any blocks or ... whatever is needed! This is about you and your needs, and us connecting. 

Need ongoing mentoring? We can design just the right sort of bespoke mentoring and writing support that you need for your particular writing journey and goals. For example, weekly, fortnight or monthly check-ins either in-person or via Skype or Zoom.

Need ghostwriting support?


During some of the editing services. there is the opportunity for me to step in and ghostwrite on your behalf, or simply write creative examples for you to draw inspiration on. I also can help with writing back cover blurbs, manuscript submissions, manuscript content, reports, blogs and more. My approach is creative and collaborative. 





Does your writing now need an assessment, edit or proofread? Or do you need some quick manuscript feedback to move forward?

Choose from a range of assessment and editing services, which can be applied to a variety of content e.g. book or eBook manuscripts, inspirational cards, website content, reports, marketing materials, manuscript submissions, resumes, magazine articles and more.


For a quality manuscript, a combination of services may be applied.

  • Manuscript Assessment

  • Content & Structural editing 

  • Line Editing

  • Light Copy Editing

  • Proofreading 

These services can be booked as a stand-alone service or bundled into packages. These packages offer you choices that consider your publishing plans, budget and manuscript needs. They also reflect how much work you want to do yourself and how much you’d like us to do for you! 

The packaged price are guidelines. Each project will receive an individual quote.




Who can you trust to support you on your publishing journey? 


Considering independent publishing? I can suggest to you book designers and publishing support teams I know and trust. While I do not provide publishing services, as your publishing path moves from editing to design and layout and publishing, I can walk with you all the way. 

I'm here for feedback on layout and to share any bits of publishing knowledge I have to help. 

A tip straight away: Books don't sell themselves. I advise you seek marketing advice before embarking on a publishing venture.

Taking the traditional publishing route? We can assist with your manuscript submission.

Remember, prior to publishing your book has the best chance of success if it has been edited and proofread.  



The right words, crafted well, are powerful in moving humans towards action. Your words in your books, reports, marketing materials and website are your tools to convey your message and vision to your audience and make an impact. Perhaps you are wishing to step out as a leader and influencer in your chosen field - to be a Beacon of Light!

You may wish to:

  • leave a legacy

  • follow a calling to share an uplifting or empowering message

  • share your life story and lessons to help others

  • share your expertise to grow your business

  • educate and empower your clients

  • hook your ideal client 

  • polish up a resume, report or submission to put your best foot forward. 

Or maybe you are seeking healing for yourself and others through journalling and writing.

I am Wendy Millgate-Stuart, Editor and founder of Wendy & Words. I walk with you towards accomplishing your writing and publishing goals through my customised editing and writing skills and author support and mentoring. I am creative, intuitive and dedicated - and professional. While I began this journey primarily as an editor, my 10 years of editorial experience and client engagement have provided me with the knowledge to also help with writing, re-writing, and author mentoring and support. 


I only take on a certain number of books per year, so that I can give my clients and their words the care and nurturing that they need, and that I do too! I love seeing my clients stepping up to be Beacons of Light, sharing their wisdom, insight and stories gleaned through life.


It is essential to book ahead with me. Trusted editors and publishing colleagues in the industry work collaboratively with me, so if I am unable to work on your book in your required time frame, let's still talk. I may have someone who can assist - often with me still walking alongside you as a sounding board and cheerleader - or even sharing certain stages of the editing process!

My most popular book categories are:

  • self-help and psychology

  • spirituality and religion

  • health, fitness and nutrition 

  • memoir and life story 

  • business and marketing

  • education


Regarding fiction editing, I will only proofread or copy edit text adult fiction that has been through one or more stages of editing by a professional fiction editor including an appraisal. I do not edit children's books.


In the business and corporate sector I provide editing and writing services to the Queensland Government arts and museum departments, CSIRO, secondary high schools, non-profit organisations and small-to-medium businesses. I am also a contracting editor to Author Support Services.

Contact me Now to Discuss Your Project

I offer a free 15 minute consultation

Integral to success is having a clear strategy based on well-founded principles and planning  to bring all the right ingredients together for the desired result. A Book Planning & Strategy Session can save you countless hours and dollars in writing, re-writing and editing. 

Let's get clarity on your message and content now, and the publishing direction you're going in. Book a one-on-one session geared just for you.


"Thanks for today. I feel reconnected again  with my book and the process."
W&W Brainstorm Client 


Wendy Millgate-Stuart

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