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Quality editing by a professional editor ensures your written message is clear, accurate and professional. Editorial compassion and intuition takes it one step further.  


Whether you are a book author, NGO, government agency, a small or large business, an academic or a student, errors in your writing and a lack of clarity, consistency and structure can sabotage your writing goals and credibility.


This can lose you clients, contracts and income, not to mention cause frustration from having to re-write, or even re-publish, your copy. With my professional and intuitive editing and writing skills, I can help you put your best words out there so you and your message shine. 


I am Wendy Stuart (nee Millgate), and I have been editing for over 10 years, since founding Wendy & Words in 2009. Over 60 manuscripts and numerous print and digital documents have passed through my 'word nursery'. My clients include non-fiction authors (e.g. mind-body-spirit, business, memoir), publishing support companies, government departments and agencies, small-to-medium businesses, non-profits and academics. I love working with words, and people, that intend to make a positive impact on readers and this world.

Based in Brisbane, Australia, I hold a Diploma of Professional Editing and Publishing, am a current Professional Member of the Institute of Professional Editors, and I am constantly updating my skills and knowledge.

You will feel supported and understood, with your message communicated authentically.

I am described by clients as Professional, Precise, Dedicated, Creative, Intuitive and Compassionate. I will strive to get to really know you, your voice, heart and vision. To really connect. You will communicate with me directly through phone, email, Skype or in person in Brisbane, Queensland - one-on-one. You will find my support invaluable.  Even when subcontracting to a self-publishing support company, I communicate directly with their clients.

Please see my services below. I offer multi-level Non-Fiction Manuscript Editing, Document Editing, Non-fiction writing support and Writing/Publishing Consultations.


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  • Editing

  • Wordsmithing

  • Author support


Wendy’s rare mix of professionalism and compassion makes her an editor that goes the extra mile, does the research, thinks outside the box, and most importantly, keeps ‘what’s best for the book and client’ as her central motivator. Wendy has a gentle, loving style and all of our clients she assisted have been satisfied with her work. 

Alex Fullerton

Founder, Author Support Services.

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Copyediting Proofreading and Writing

Clients: Businesses, Professionals, Government agencies, Academics, NGOs/Non-profits, Churches, Educational institutions, University students


  • Annual reports

  • Business reports

  • Training manuals

  • CVs & resumes

  • University assignments and thesis

  • Blogs

  • Website copy

  • Newsletters

  • Advertising

  • Biographies


2.5c / word

Woman author re-writing her manuscript a


Manuscript Assessment, Content & Structural Editing, Copy Editing, Proofreading and Writing

Clients: non-fiction authors (self-publishing authors, authors seeking traditional publishing, or hobby/amateur writers) 



  • Self-help / Personal Development

  • Motivational / Inspirational

  • Health, Wellness & Fitness

  • Crafts, Hobbies & Home

  • Families & Relationships

  • Business & Money

  • Religion & Spirituality

  • Education & Teaching

  • Cooking

  • Life story & memoir


2c / word



Book planning, mentoring

Clients: Non-fiction authors


Author consults, mentoring and brainstorming on any aspects of the writing, editing and publishing journey. 

  • Book planning 

  • Manuscript rescue

  • Interviews for memoir content

  • Clarify your message

  • Plan the best way forward with your writing, from wherever you are at  

  • Provide leads to publishing and design providers

  • Ongoing mentoring


$20 / 15 mins

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