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caring - creative - precise

 "Wendy. You are officially a genius! I wish I knew you when I wrote my first book!

Most of all, what I like about your work is your care and compassion."

"Wendy is very passionate about her people and their message, which means she really cares and connects to the content and as a result produces some amazing work."

"Wendy has an incredible ability to understand the author and offer suggestions that enhance the work without ever changing the artist’s vision"

"I love working with words that open minds to new perspectives and  uplift and empower readers to transform their lives and our world. My passion is to assist  authors and businesses to share their positive message and be a Beacon of Light in their field."

Wendy Millgate-Stuart


I used to say, "I'm a book editor!" But my clients kept telling me, "Wendy, you're more than en editor! You've helped me with so many things to do with my book like layout, design and direction." "You gave so much emotional support. You really 'got me.'" "You need to let people know all that you do!"


And then there were those who said, "I wish I'd met you before I'd written my whole book! I wouldn't have to re-write so much now" and those saying,"Can you help me with self-publishing too?" 

So now I'm letting you know! Yes, I'm an editor. But I also brainstorm with you your book content and direction. I write and ghostwrite (think back-cover blurbs, Press Releases, New Title Information Sheets, book website content). I can also ghostwrite aspects of your content if needed. When editing your book, I even perform basic correct formatting of all aspects so the designer 'gets you' and your book structure. Plus you see the book forming shape. I can check all the work of your designers and support you in your design decisions if you like.

For over 10 years I have worked with authors and words that inspire positive change. My favourite genres are mind/body/spirit (think spiritual/religious, self-help, psychology, health, wellness) and memoirs. Not to mention business and marketing, and of course works for charities and non-profit organisations. I even love working for Queensland government departments such as Arts Qld and the Qld Museum as they are doing such a great job.


Your book is your baby in which you have invested your heart, your time, your money - your life! My goal is to help you put your best written work out there that both you and Wendy & Words can be proud of. My eclectic experiences in life, combined with my propensity for personal connection and empathy, means my clients and I often really click. This is where my 'sponge-like' mind and heart (which had made me so 'programmable' in my youth - see my future memoir!) is now a bonus as an editor. I can walk and work in my clients' shoes. Some say I get into their heads and really get their voice!


Writing and editing takes time; it's an evolutionary and sometimes emotional process. You may find you are not the same person when you start to write as when that final book is in your hands. You will evolve as your writing and book does. I will too. I limit the number of projects I work on each year to ensure your creative work gets the TLC it deserves ... and I do too!
It's all about quality and connection and making a difference. The 
connection between the editor and you, the writer/author, is vital to ensure your message comes through. I need to 'get you'. 

Here is some feedback from clients regarding the Wendy & Words' difference:

  • "caring" 

  • "your passion and commitment" 

  • "your attention to  detail and thoroughness"

  • ​"the emotional support and confidentiality as you supported me through the process"

  • "your industry connections" 

  • "your hands-on creative suggestions for layout and formatting"

  • " your creativity and flexibility - can think outside the box"

  • "depth of one-on-one service"​

on a personal note

I love my clients and what they are trying to achieve. I get a real kick out of being of service and a part of projects bigger than myself.  Making the world a better place, one word and one person at a time. There is such power in words. They can uplift. They can destroy. Those who write have a huge responsibility to be authentic.  And I too have a huge responsibility to respect my clients' words while offering honest feedback and suggestions with humility, care and clarity. 

There are many wonderful ideas and beliefs (interpretations of views of 'truth') being expressed in the world - all wonderful pieces of the great big puzzle of life. I am happy to help the writers of those ideas express themselves to their particular audience - allowing that puzzle piece to shine and play its part in the big scheme of things.



Wendy Millgate-Stuart

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