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 "Wendy. You are officially a genius! I wish I knew you when I wrote my first book!

Most of all, what I like about your work is your care and compassion."

"Wendy is very passionate about her people and their message, which means she really cares and connects to the content and as a result produces some amazing work."

"Wendy has an incredible ability to understand the author and offer suggestions that enhance the work without ever changing the artist’s vision"

Hi! I am Wendy Stuart (nee Millgate), editor and founder of Wendy & Words and member of the Institute of Professional Editors.


I walk with you towards accomplishing your writing and publishing goals through my customised editing and writing skills and author support and mentoring. I am a detailed, intuitive and creative editor. My 10 years of editorial experience and client engagement has provided me with the knowledge to also help with non-fiction book planning, writing, re-writing and author support. 


I only accept a certain number of books per year, so that I can give my clients and their words the care and nurturing that they need, and that I need too!

It is essential to book a few months ahead for manuscript assessments and editing.


Trusted editors and publishing colleagues in the industry work collaboratively with me, as well, so if I am unable to work on your project in your required time frame, let's still talk. I may have someone who can assist - often with me still walking alongside you as a sounding board and cheerleader - or even sharing certain stages of the editing process!

Whether it is proofreading an annual report for the CSIRO, editing a memoir of triumph over tragedy, polishing up someone's resume or shining a light on an inspirational message, I feel great satisfaction from being a small but crucial cog in someone else's positive wheel. Yes, I'm a bit of a philosopher.


My values are honesty, humility, respect, responsibility, thoroughness, creativity and authenticity.


For aspiring book authors, your book is your baby in which you have invested your heart, your time, your money - your life! My goal is to help you put your best written work out there that both you and I can be proud of. My eclectic experiences in life, combined with my propensity for personal connection and empathy, means my clients and I often 'click'. This is where my 'sponge-like' mind and heart (which had made me so 'programmable' in my youth  - see my future memoir!) is now a bonus as an editor. I can walk and work in my clients' shoes. Some say I get into their heads and really get their voice! 

My most popular book manuscript genres are mind/body/spirit, business and life story.

Writing and editing takes time; it's an evolutionary and sometimes emotional process. You may find you are not the same person when you start to write as when that final book is in your hands. You will evolve as your writing and book does. I will support you all the way. While I don't offer self-publishing services, I do know some providers who can help.


For government, business and academic clients, I'm noted for my attention to detail and dedication. I'm also not shy in coming forward if I spy something that might need a little more work on your side. I'll offer you examples, if it helps. My goal is to support you to achieve your quality standards and keep to your deadlines.  I am well versed in the Commonwealth Style Guide and am fairly flexible with time frames. 

Some corporate/government clients are CSIRO, Arts Qld and the Qld Museum.

"I love working with people and words making a positive difference in  our world."  

Wendy Millgate-Stuart  (Dip. Pub. Ed., Member of IpED)



Book editing

Document editing

Author brainstorm and support 



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