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"Knowing that my monthly business donation is assisting Bloom to free even more girls from abuse, trauma and dis-empowerment gives me peace. My life somehow feels more valuable knowing my business is supporting something greater than just my own needs. Having experienced abuse and trauma myself, I have tasted unworthiness and brokenness. I have also been privileged to live in a country with many opportunities to restore myself and build my capacity. I feel privileged to help Bloom girls to receive the restorative holistic support that they truly deserve, so they can bloom.  Keep up the good work, Bloom Asia. They certainly are worth fighting for." – Wendy Stuart, Wendy & Words  

Bloom Asia is a not-for-profit organisation that exists to restore and empower young women who have experienced significant trauma. Wendy & Words is a monthly supporter of Bloom Asia, having full confidence that my contribution is making a real impact on the lives of these girls . Having experienced my own life trauma from abuse and domestic violence, and received wonderful support from professional providers, spiritual mentors and friends over the years, my heart breaks at the thought of these young girls not having the support they need to break cycles and find healing and freedom. Having a daughter also moves my heart to help these young girls. 

Bloom Asia aims to equip and empower young women who have experienced significant trauma, and help them create a better future.

Women are often the most vulnerable and discriminated against in poverty-stricken communities, and many are sadly the recipients of extreme experiences of significant trauma. Bloom Asia aims to address this through a program of education, vocational training, mentoring and employment. At Bloom Asia, these young women are restored and equipped with the skills they need to create a better future for themselves and their families. My best friends are very close to the founders and organisers, and thus I have even more confidence in this venture. The current focus of Bloom Asia's work is Cambodia.

Their work covers three main areas: 1) Vocational training 2) Social Enterprise and 3) Holistic support

Please consider making your own contribution to Bloom Asia. Read more about their work online, and keep an eye out for their yearly Mother's Day High Tea fundraising event in Brisbane, Qld.

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